Monday, August 26, 2013

Swat Update & Other Little Things

Hello Everyone,

Well here is a picture of my progress for this months SWAT.  I would have been further along if someone hadn't decided that I was in desperate need of her help!!  Miss Holly thinks she needs to play with floss bobbins and full skeins of floss she will be a year old soon and has never done this before.  I think that maybe aliens have taken over her brain?  the picture isn't that great because I took it with my cell phone but you can get the idea of my progress.

I have decided I will lay it aside for a week and start my Blackbird Designs, Sunflower House. the floss and fabric are for Sunflower House the fabric is an R&R Reproductions Friendship Blue that i was lucky enough to get from Ebay as its a discontined color.  My friend Ruthie purchased it for me fro my birthday

First is my progress picture of Paula Vaughn then my next project Sunflower House and last but not least a picture of my stitching helper.


Vicky L said...

Your Paula Vaughn is looking pretty. I have a couple of her kits. I keep wondering if I will get to them, lol.The Sunflower will look beautiful. I love the fabric you chose for it. I can't wait to see the progress. Miss Holly looks adorable.

Kay said...

I have always loved Paula Vaughn, have yet to stitch any of her designs. Looking nice so far! Holly is adorable! Happy stitching!

annalizard said...

This is a kitty cloud!
So sweet <3.

Meari said...

Sunflower House is a beautiful chart. Looking forward to seeing more updates.