Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Is Going On In My Neck Of the Woods

Really nothing too exciting except for yesterday got a Christmas Gift!! Robert called me from work and says I've got something that you have been wanting and he says guess!! I said a Black Cocker Spaniel?? LOL Nope but you have been wanting a cat, so now I have a kitten named "Holly" since she got here for Christmas. this picture for her isn't too good since she has her eyes closed. S

he does have a bit of infection in her eyes but she is going to the vet Monday evening to get eveything taken care of. Also just a small stitching update, making this Prairie Schooler into a card for our neighbors he is a retired minister.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Small Finish

Hello Everyone well got a small finish for a coaster exchange. I can post a picture because I know my friend doesn't look at blogs:)

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finally Finished

I have been having computer problems again........seems like that is endless right now. Anyway I finally finished my Little House Needleworks Sampler
I am so pleased with it that I hate to give it up. It belongs to my BFF I may have to stitch this one again for myself at some point.

I have now started on a Dimensions kit called Listen With Your Heart, not my favorite, kits that is

and also a Lanarte kit of a Black Bear With her Cubs which is also a kit but it's for DH a Christmas present

so have to work on it during the week when he is at work and switch back to the other one when he is home.

Also Check This Out with Halloween coming we should all feel a lot safer now with this little guy to protect us.

for some reason blogger wouldn't let me add it as a link so you need to copy and paste to see it but well worth a look, it will give you a good laugh.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our 30th Anniversary Stitching Too

Well as of Monday Robert and I will be married for 30 years, We dated for 6 years before we got married for one we wanted to pay cash for as much stuff as we could. The first picture is of a card my friend Lynn sent us she does all sorts of handmade greeting cards and I can hardly wait for a holiday of some sort to get here so I can see what pretty card she makes for me or Robert. Here's a link to her blog so you can see her wonderful cards BTW she is also a stitcher. The second picture is of us of course on our wedding day. The music I have added is what was played at our wedding and also added one "America" song because on our first date we went to an America Concert, by the way it was a blind date:) Robert was also neighbor that has just moved in across the highway from us, saw him at the mailbox with 2 German Shepards and figured if he had dogs he had to be alright:)) His BF worked with my dad and he told my dad about Robert and that was the start of it all. Still just as happy as we were that day. The the last is the progress I have made on my Little House Needleworks "Spring Beauty" I would be a little further along today with the top section done but decided to make beef stew last night and in doing so tried to add a little of me with it. Almost cut off the tip of my finger. I managed to get the bleeding stopped and bandaged it all by myself, Robert was out mowing and even if I did call his cell phone he would have never heard it.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Finally An Update!

This Summer has not been very good for us, first DH was passing kidney stones then we lost our Cocker Spaniel Molly.  So that is the reasons for no new post for such a long time.  I have managed to get a little stitching done.  My WIP is Spring Beauty By Little House Needleworks and I finally got my Bless Your Heart, the chart was given to me by the designer Sandra Longan Miller of Log Cabin Needleworks pillow back that I had made up so here are the pictures of my stitching plus a picture of Mollybell. Thanks everyone for comments left really appreciate it.

Friday, June 24, 2011

And The Winner Is!

Finally finished the stitching on "From Sea To Shinning Sea" The picture doesn't do it justice, once I get it framed I'll try and get a better one.  Now Drum Roll please the winner of the the chart is Kay!!!  I forgot to say that the Chart is from Cricket Collection.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Finally An Update

I know it's been a long time coming but things here have been in an uproar.  DH was doing well at first after his lithotrypsy but now it seems he does OK fur a few days then he's back at the starting gate so to say.  He gets up goes to work and that is about it.  anyway I have been getting some stitching done this is an old Cricket Collection from the 1980's and I finally decided I've had this long enough and it's time to stitch it.  Love to see all of your comments.  I'm going to do a giveaway of the chart once I'm done stitching.  So if you're interested make a comment and if you become a follower that will be another chance to win and if you post about it on your blog you'll have another.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Finally here is my second square of Prairie Schooler done!  Isn't if funny how a few stitches make such a pretty piece.  I wasn't sure about this one when I first started it but now I can say I really like it.  I have now started on a Dimensions Kit for a friend of mine and I really don't like the floss that comes with them so I'm waiting on my floss.  I ordered it this morning from my LNS and hopefully it will be here by Wednesday.  I guess I should say that my LNS is 50 miles from me  LOL so it's cheaper to get it in the mail.  The shop that I order from is great.  They send things right away and all they charge is the cost of the postage.  So give them a try if you need something, really nice to work with.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Small Update And Contest

Hello Everyone, Well my stitching is going slowly but surely on my Prairie Schooler More Friends square it's an out of print chart......Wish they would do some reprints on some of these older charts, for one they're great charts and it would be nice for new stitchers to be able to get to stitch them too.

Ruth is doing a really nice giveaway and I know that you stitchers will be interested.

More health problem here too for me this time, I have to have an ultrasound and another biopsy:(  I am getting tired of this to say the least.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Way Too Long Since My Last Post

Wow my last post was wayyyyyyy back in February, I have been stitching slowly but surely on this sampler and it's finally done.  We have been dealing with kidney stones again poor DH has loads of them he is supposed to have lithotrypsy surgery again in May.  I think now we're up to his 7th one since 2000,he always produces lots of stones, him just have one nooooooooo we have at least 13 in his right kidney and not sure how many in the left.  Well guess I'll just make sure I take some stitching with me for the day of his surgery:)  I have now started stitching another Prairie Schooler chart from the Friends leaflet.  Nothing really to show right now just they and a beak of a bird:)  Well hopefully it won't be so long between posts the next time.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hoping For Spring!

I guess you shouldn't wish your life away but I am so ready for Spring and the flowers, birds, bees and being able to get  on our side by side ATV and get out in the woods. It has been extremely cold here and lots of snow and ice.  We're supposed to have some relief from the cold starting tomorrow. I have just finished a Prairie Schooler Friendship Sampler.  It was lots of fun to stitch and I have just started on My 4 Boys "Home Sweet Sampler".  I have had to frog a little already but I have that all restitched.  Hopefully I will have a picture of it soon too.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Another Small Finish

Hello Everyone, I'm way behind other than in my stitching.  Hopefully will find time to read posts from my groups and all the blogs that I am behind in too.  Anyway here is my latest finish, which was a freebie chart and I have changed it with the added beads, thanks for looking and you nice comments. Here is the Link for the Free chart.

Friday, January 7, 2011

PIF 2 Done!

I have finally finished my second PIF this is a Prairie Schooler Chart, that is OOP.  This was really fun to stitch, now I have one more to stitch:)  Not sure what it will be yet. Thanks for looking and for your kind comments.