Sunday, October 16, 2011

Finally Finished

I have been having computer problems again........seems like that is endless right now. Anyway I finally finished my Little House Needleworks Sampler
I am so pleased with it that I hate to give it up. It belongs to my BFF I may have to stitch this one again for myself at some point.

I have now started on a Dimensions kit called Listen With Your Heart, not my favorite, kits that is

and also a Lanarte kit of a Black Bear With her Cubs which is also a kit but it's for DH a Christmas present

so have to work on it during the week when he is at work and switch back to the other one when he is home.

Also Check This Out with Halloween coming we should all feel a lot safer now with this little guy to protect us.

for some reason blogger wouldn't let me add it as a link so you need to copy and paste to see it but well worth a look, it will give you a good laugh.