Monday, April 25, 2011


Finally here is my second square of Prairie Schooler done!  Isn't if funny how a few stitches make such a pretty piece.  I wasn't sure about this one when I first started it but now I can say I really like it.  I have now started on a Dimensions Kit for a friend of mine and I really don't like the floss that comes with them so I'm waiting on my floss.  I ordered it this morning from my LNS and hopefully it will be here by Wednesday.  I guess I should say that my LNS is 50 miles from me  LOL so it's cheaper to get it in the mail.  The shop that I order from is great.  They send things right away and all they charge is the cost of the postage.  So give them a try if you need something, really nice to work with.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Small Update And Contest

Hello Everyone, Well my stitching is going slowly but surely on my Prairie Schooler More Friends square it's an out of print chart......Wish they would do some reprints on some of these older charts, for one they're great charts and it would be nice for new stitchers to be able to get to stitch them too.

Ruth is doing a really nice giveaway and I know that you stitchers will be interested.

More health problem here too for me this time, I have to have an ultrasound and another biopsy:(  I am getting tired of this to say the least.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Way Too Long Since My Last Post

Wow my last post was wayyyyyyy back in February, I have been stitching slowly but surely on this sampler and it's finally done.  We have been dealing with kidney stones again poor DH has loads of them he is supposed to have lithotrypsy surgery again in May.  I think now we're up to his 7th one since 2000,he always produces lots of stones, him just have one nooooooooo we have at least 13 in his right kidney and not sure how many in the left.  Well guess I'll just make sure I take some stitching with me for the day of his surgery:)  I have now started stitching another Prairie Schooler chart from the Friends leaflet.  Nothing really to show right now just they and a beak of a bird:)  Well hopefully it won't be so long between posts the next time.