Thursday, September 26, 2013

Finally Did It and Other Stuff!!

We finally decided to adopt a new dog it has been two years since Boots died so it will be hard at first to get into dog mode again she is a 1 year old black and tan Cocker Spaniel.  The family that has her now is moving and can't take her with them.  We pick her up on Saturday, her name is Dotty and she is full of Vim and Vigor that is for sure.  She may run these two old people into the ground!! LOL  The only problem we may have is will she get along with our cats.  Holly has been around a dog so I don't think she will have a problem with Dotty other than Dotty wanting to play all the time.  Tip is outside by choice and he can vaporize rather quickly.  Anyway here is her picture

Spent yesterday with my BFF at Rockville, Indiana.  We went to an Amish Bulk Food Store bad for me because I had to have a loaf of banana bread, at least it's was a small loaf:) I also purchased what is called Butter Cheese, this cheese is to die for and some German Bologna   We then went to an Amish Variety Store and they have loads of stuff, from pots and pans, dishes, just a little bit of everything. I would have loved to have a lot of things there but had to hold off for right now.  We did get to see the Amish in the field taking corn stalks for silage.  It was really interesting because they were using 2 teams of mules and had to keep them right along side of each other.  Wish I had some pictures of this but couldn't sneak any in that they wouldn't have known that I was taking their picture.

Stitching wise I am working on an exchange piece so can't show it right now, last night Mr Frog visited and slowed the progress down:(

In case you didn't see my updated post about my giveaway, the winners are....

Phyllis $20.00 123stitch gift certificate

Minnie Cross stitch piece stitched by me.

Well this is it for this time.  Thanks for reading and love your comments too.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Update Of Paula Vaughn & Blogaversary

Drum Roll Please my winners are............
Phyllis $20.00 Gift Certificate
Minnie Stitched Piece by me

Be sure to watch your email.  the gift certificate has been purchased and sent via email so if some reason there is a problem Phyllis be sure and let me know.

Minnie I sent you an email this morning too asking for your info so I can get your win in the mail.

Mary Louise

Hello Everyone,

Here is my update of my Paula Vaughn "Friendship Quilts".  Its taken me awhile to get this far, I keep trudging along on the quilt.  the problem is it's one stitch of this and one of that! LOL

Hope everyone's Summer is going well.  Ours has been really hot the last few weeks, but hopefully it will cool down by the weekend.

Also it's time for my Blogaversary as of the 25th of September my Blog is 4 years old:)  So I am having a giveaway and on the 25th.  I will choose one winner for a $20.00 gift certificate from 123stitch and another will win something stitched by me.

Now to win what you need to do is become a follower of my blog if you're not already and if you're a follower already make sure I am aware of it, post to this message and make sure I have your email address, so I can contact you if you win.  You'll have another chance to win if you post about my giveaway on your blog. That will be 3 chances to win!  Good Luck!!