Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Traditions

Hello Everyone, Well Christmas is almost here and will be over just as fast as it is upon us.  I have been thinking about family Christmas traditions.  when I was little we always opened our Christmas gifts on Christmas Eve because Christmas morning we always went to my Grandma Garry's.  she was bed ridden but still a happy very happy to see us on Christmas morning. One of the neighbors always dressed as Santa and came by her home too, really a nice memory.  also my mother always sang Silent Night in German.  Her family lived in Southern Indiana and they always spoke German at home when she was a child.  When we would get together her brothers and sisters still spoke a little German.  what was really something to hear was when they couldn't think of the words they wanted in English they would switch mid sentence to German.  there was one story of a cousin of mine from my dads side of the family when she was a little girl they took her for a visit and they did thins, from what I heard she ran out of the house, because she was so frightened.  It's funny now but I guess not to her.  I would love to hear from all of you some of your Christmas Memories.

Merry Christmas
Mary Louise

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Nancy in IL said...

I loved reading of your Christmas memories! I remember the year I stayed all night at my Grandma's house and slept with my aunt who was a teenager. I swore to her as I looked out the window of her bedroom that I saw Santa and his reindeer flying through the sky. I still think to this day I did. She disappointed me so much to have her say, "Huh uh!" The next morning I told her when I went downstairs and saw all the presents, I said to her, "I told you! That WAS Santa!"