Saturday, November 7, 2009

Coca Cola Santa

Hello Everyone well I am finally doing an update of my Santa.  I scanned it because I had to rob the batteries from my camera for my mouse.  The bad part is this scanner is new to me and I am having problems getting quality scans from it.  I will get batteries next week so I can take pictures again.  I will say that I was thinking it wasn't looking like much stitching wise until I saw the picture and now I can see the shape of Santa's hat.  It took me long enough to get this far that is for sure.

Also I have been having blog problems and can't use the really nice backgrounds.  Hope I can get this resolved soon.


Kay said...


It is coming along nicely, keep up the good work!

Linby said...

great start!
love Lynn

Jennifer said...

Your blog looks great to me Mary.. also your new santa stitching is coming along . look forward to seeing it. Glad you got out of xstitch hell!! been there done that!!!

Cari said...

Hi Mary, I'm hoping you can help. I am having the same problem you were - my wallpaper disappeared on my site. can you share with me how you fixed yours?

5 Foot Runt said...

Looks reslly nice. I love Christmas colors.